Reinforce your brand with dynamic, on-brand artwork templates.

Provide on-brand templates users can customize for their own needs. Items such as adverts, brochures posters, leaflets, online banner ads, stationery and pull-up banners can all be templated. The end user can only change the text and images you want them to change. All this in a simple to use interface that users love.

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Work with your existing partners

Route the completed press ready artwork and order form to one of your print partners or allow users to email to their local supplier.

Local material for local markets

Wherever your teams are in the world they can create localized material in almost any language saving time and money.

See significant cost savings

Once a template is created it can be used as often as needed anytime, anywhere with no extra design charges.

Simple user interface

End users need no design or technical skills to change text, pictures or logos which ensures a fast take up.

An Indespensable Tool

Proof Tracker quickly embeds itself into your workflows becoming an indispensable tool across the organization.

Flexible supplier database

Admin users can add, remove or update suppliers quickly and easily so you can switch suppliers with no interruption for users.

Multiple output formats

Admin users can set the ouput options for each template allowing users to choose press ready or desktop pdf or jpeg.


Why Choose Us

  • We’ll work alongside you from initial meeting to rollout and beyond
  • Specific administrator training session
  • Highly configurable structure adds visibility to assets
  • We set up a test site with a limited number of your assets before rollout
  • On-site Admin training with the option of web-based training for devolved users.
  • Ongoing support and regular upgrades and enhancements

What Client’s Say

We just love Proof Tracker!