Fast, easy sign off for an advert or a 200 page report.

Proof Tracker collects your proofing groups’ comments on one document in an organized and efficient process. With fewer rounds of revisions, approval timelines are compressed resulting in improved speed to market. Web-based proofing also achieves significant cost savings as no paper, ink or courier costs are incurred.

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An Indispensable Tool

Proof Tracker quickly embeds itself into your workflows becoming an indispensable tool across the organization.

Simple for Reviewers

Reviewers receive an email alert then with access to the proof in just one click. Simple Acrobat markup tools make commenting easy and fast.

Simple to get Started

Users can set up and have a proof circulating in under two minutes – less time than it takes to type up an email.

User Groups

Create and save your own user groups then add them to a proofing project with just one click for faster setup times.

Customised Alerts

Set up an alert for each time a proof is returned or just at the end of the proofing cycle.

View Progress at a Glance

Proof managers see all proofs on one page with an easy view dashboard layout.



Why Choose Us

      • We’ll work alongside you from initial meeting to rollout and beyond
      • Specific administrator training session
      • Highly configurable structure adds visibility to assets
      • We set up a test site with a limited number of your assets before rollout
      • On-site Admin training with the option of web-based training for devolved users.
      • Ongoing support and regular upgrades and enhancements

What Client’s Say

We just LOVE Proof Tracker!