Store, Search, Control and Share Brand Assets

A centralized resource for all your brand assets; images, logo’s, Office documents, video and artwork files can be accessed from anywhere at anytime delivering significant savings in time and money. Resourcebase is structured to match the way your organization works so users can find assets in seconds then download, distribute or edit with just a few clicks.

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From 1 –
1,000,000 Assets

Resourcebase is fully scaleable so it grows as your needs require. You can store and preview most filetypes for images, documents, video and audio.

Easy Upload

Our easy to use upload function allows assets to be uploaded, singularly, sequentially or as a bulk upload with full control over tagging and keywording.

Multiple Download

Upload just one filetype and Resourcebase can convert to multiple preset filetypes including one formatted for Office Docs.

Version Control

Assets can be updated with the option to archive the replaced asset so you have a complete audit trail.

Job Bags

Collect assets for bulk downloading, single or bulk emailing or for batch editing. Use them for faster access to often used files.

Logo Finder

Through a simple step-by-step process users have fast access to the right logo in the right format for print, web, screen or Office documents.

User Permissions

Flexible permission levels allow control over who views, downloads, uploads and edits your brand assets.


Track who is logging in, when and what they download. Create reports to see which are the most downloaded assets or get automated reports to your inbox.

Why Choose Us

      • We’ll work alongside you from initial meeting to rollout and beyond
      • Specific administrator training session
      • Highly configurable structure adds visibility to assets
      • We set up a test site with a limited number of your assets before rollout
      • On-site Admin training with the option of web-based training for devolved users.
      • Ongoing support and regular upgrades and enhancements

What Client’s Say

Our marketing and sales teams have access to our best project images so we save time and money every day.